Welcome to Linux Presentation Day Switzerland!

The Linux Presentation Day Switzerland is a series of events where interested persons can get first-hand information about Linux and its possible uses on their computers. It takes place twice a year within the context of the pan-european Linux Presentation Day, with events being held contemporaneously in various Swiss cities.

At the events, first-hand information about Linux is provided by experienced users.

  • Pre-installed Linux computers for hands-on tryout
  • On-site contacts and live demonstrations
  • Technical support for beginners and advanced users
  • Further informations

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The Linux Presentation Day is organized by many volunteers from local Linux user groups, from companies, schools and “hacker spaces” (technicians’ clubs). Attendance is free of charge and without any obligation.

With Linux against the theft of your data

For some years now it has been possible to observe a most remarkable trend in the field of computers, smart phones and tablets: the installed operating systems care less and less about the needs and requirements of the users, but more and more about those of the manufacturers.
The users’ data is collected more or less covertly, analyzed and resold, and what can be brought about by the resulting personalized profiles, has been known at least since Cambridge Analytica. Furthermore reports about “voice assistants” constantly listening in, and about back doors deliberately built into software and hardware, are increasingly heard, while users are coerced into buying new machines by forced software upgrades.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Thanks to the free operating system Linux, there is an alternative.

Surely you have already heard about Linux!

Linux is a free computer operating system and an alternative to Windows or MacOSX. Linux is also the system on which all Android smart phones are based.

Free? It’s free mainly because it’s not developped and marketed by a single company. It’s rather developped collectively by many thousand volunteers around the world, which makes it free from hidden back doors, free from impertinent licences and free from annoying advertisements.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

That’s what we think, too. And that’s why there is the Linux Presentation Day!

  • Who or what is Linux?
    Answers to frequent questions about the free operating system.
  • Could this be for me?
    Try it out! There are computers available at every event.
  • But I’m not a techie!
    Our experienced users on site are there to help and assist.
Linux on a happy computer