If you want to learn more about the possible uses of Linux on your computer: Search our date list for a Linux Presentation Day event near you and just come by!

Everyone who would like to organize a local Linux Presentation Day event is free to participate. No membership or other association with the persons responsible for or is required.

The Linux Presentation Day Switzerland takes place twice a year within the context of the european Linux Presentation Day. Local events can also take place on dates other than the common dates. Generally speaking, it would however be preferrable to use the common dates, as this facilitates the press relations.

Local organizers are of course free to hold their events in any way they find best. The following list therefore is merely a guideline.

In order to hold a Linux Presentation Day event you will need:

  • Suitable facility: Electrical power, internet and a couple of tables for placing the computers should be available. Such facilities can often be found in schools, universities, clubhouses etc. Computer shops and IT companies also often have facilities that they can make available. Asking doesn’t cost anything, and experience shows that responses tend to be much more positive than one would expect.
  • Showcase computers: A couple of computers with different desktops (Gnome, KDE usw.) and current desktop software (LibreOffice, browser, e-mail client, image processing etc.). How exactly the installations look like is of course up to each local organizer, as is the number of computers.
  • Volunteers on-site: Linux users with some experience in the desktops installed.
  • Web site and contact: We publish links to each local event in our date list and send out press releases before each of the semi-annual main dates. The site should at least contain the exact location and time of the event, so we can link to it. A contact for requests from visitors prior to the event would also be helpful (yet not mandatory).

Well, that’s about it.

Please contact us as soon as possible: info at linuxday . ch, if you have any question about the events, organization etc. We are glad to help, whereever we can! And of course we need to know about your event, so we can insert it in our date list and press release.

We operate a mailing list for the coordination between all local organizers and for publishing information of general concern to all organizers. Everybody organizing a local Linux Presentation Day event should thus subscribe this list!